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AMC built cars in the USA for 34 years. American Motors was formed by a merger with Hudson Motors and Nash-Kelvinator in 1954. In 1956 AMC brought us the Rambler, in 57 the Rambler added a second model, the Rebel. In 1958 AMC had three models, the Rebel, Ambassador, and Classic. These car models remained AMC's staple until 1968 when the Javelin, AMX.
The Javelin came equipped with many performance options, such as the "Go Pack and Group 19 Performance package. This was a power packed muscle car for enthusiats and AMC rat rod buyers.
In 1970, the Gremlin and Jeep appeared. These models were followed by many more AMC models, most are not sought by AMC custom rat rod builders. 1988 was the end of AMC manufacturing. Most of the employees were absorbed by Chrysler.
AMC rat rods for sale on ebay offer a newer approach to a classic car hobby.
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