Cadillac rat rods have a very interesting history. Most people did not know that Cadillac was formed when Henry Ford left the Henry Ford Company with several of his most important people. The Henry Ford Company was dissolved, but many of the assets remained. Fordís financial backers intended to liquidate the Henry Ford Company assets, but Mr. Henry Leland convinced them to continue automobile manufacturing. On August 22, 1902, the assets were used to form the Cadillac Automobile Company. Without Leland, we could not enjoy our custom Cadillac rat rods. 

Very early on, Cadillac was recognized as a luxury automobile company. In fact, my uncle worked for Cadillac while they were building their earlier cars inside of sheds and outbuildings. Cadillac was also the first auto manufacturer to replace the hand crank with an electric starter on a gasoline engine. In 1914, Cadillac released the first V8 engine, leading the way for todayís Cadillac rat rod and street rods. You will find many truly interesting Cadillac rat rods for sale on ebay.