Dodge rat rods were all started by two bicycle makers in the early 1900ís. They were Dodge brothers John and Horace. The brothers moved from their dadís bicycle shop to building intricate parts at a Henry Ford plant. Soon, Henry Ford noticed the two and offered them a partnership which lasted 12 years. During these years, Ford cars were built primarily from the Dodge brothers parts. Wow, imagine that, a custom Dodge rat rod with a Ford emblem?


The brothers split with Ford and began on building their own cars. In 1914, Dodge Brothers, Inc. formed and fabricated 249 cars. In 1928, Chrysler acquired Dodge Brothers, inc. Chrysler has carried on the long history of Dodge tradition and many popular models to date. Many Dodge rat rods for sale can be found on ebay auctions. Check Dodge rat rod trucks as well.