Mercury rat rods find their roots deep in Ford motor Company history. In 1939, Ford introduced the Mercury line to offer middle income buyers some luxury features found in the Lincoln cars. The Mercury car division of Ford remained a separate division until it was combined with the Lincoln division in 1945. Most consider the 1950ís custom Mercury rat rods the most desirable. During the 50ís, Mercury stretched and lowered the cars for a very appealing look. 

Mercury sales reached their peak in 1978, producing 580,000 automobiles. Many rare variations of the Mercury rat rods for sale can be found on ebay. Mercury offers some very unique designs for the rat rod builder to work from. Many models can be purchased at reasonable prices, depending on the time of year.

Watch for more Mercury Rat Rods weekly. New rods become available daily, you never know when the right one will pop-up for sale.