This 1929 Ford represents what Rat Rodding is all about. It all started with a perfect Henry steel  body. Perfect to a point that the average painter or body man would not wish to take it on. But, solid and more than good enough to create the best Ford Rat Rod around.
A quick look and you will notice everything that is right about this car. The chop, the drop, the patina, just the right touches and minimal paint used to highlight original vintage wheels and air cleaner. The rod was executed in a manner that allowed planning gained with experience from many previous builds. From start to finish, the builder used techniques proven to get the car just perfect. This stylish, vintage appeal is a tribute to the builder and the car.
This Featured Ford Rat Rod is For Sale: SOLD $19,800.00
1929 Ford Rat Rod
This 1929 Ford Rat Rod is powered by a Chevy 327, four barrel carb., Turbo 350 Transmission, and Dana rearend. Open, baffled headers offer a great sense of power and add to the cars patina and rat rod appeal. Original guide headlights with true solid rusty buckets were equipped with new rings and turn signals where the running lights were once used.
1929 Ford Featured Rod
The rat's stance was accomplished with proper frame build and car set-up. More than enough undercarriage clearance to be road worth and safe, but low enough to turn heads. Dead coons are a hazard, but daily driving is easily accomplished in this car. Full auto safety glass used for the windshield, with open top and side windows.
1929 Ford Street Rod
Ford Rat Rod
Ford Rat Rod For Sale