Before making payment on your rat rod purchase, ensure you feel fully comfortable with the seller and terms. Many times, it is best to hand over the money once you have seen the rod. This often occurs when the rat rod is picked-up. Ask the seller for the VIN before pick-up. Phone the rat rod VIN in to your local DMV to ensure it is clear.   

If a down payment is required, DO NOT send Western Union. If you wish to be protected, use the credit card assigned to your Paypal account. By using your credit card, you have protection from your credit card company for your Rat Road Cobo Hallcustom rat rod purchase. A basic sales receipt should be issued to protect both parties, with any added details noted. Issue in duplicate with signatures on both copies, one for the seller and one for the buyer. Make sure to get the title signed and store safely. 

Make sure your rod is fully insured before hitting the road. Even a rat rod project purchase should be fully insured for the purchase price. Most importantly, make sure the car meets your local and State laws and regulations.